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Brand Architecture + Brand Research Audit + Trend Hunting + Brand Strategy + Naming + Copywriting + Visual Strategy + Brand Identity + Packaging Design + Graphic Design + Social Media Marketing

Steph strives to empower brands through strategic wit and creative compassion. Her goal is to combine conceptual dexterity with business and strategy acumen to create brands that positively impact society.


Radical optimist + Avocado Aficionado + Dad Joke Junkie + Waffleologist + Carpool DJ Virtuoso

Insatiably curious, her mind knows no rest. You can find her making and eating her body weight in gluten free and vegan waffles, rewatching all three seasons of Stranger Things (for the third time), practicing transcendental meditation (she wants to reach nirvana, but not like the Curt Cobain Nirvana although that would be pretty cool), reading science fiction (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is her jam), hunting for rad street art, trying to determine why Junior Mints are so ding dang delicious or California dreamin' about VW Westfalias (#ShakaBrah).

If you want to connect about working on a fab project or gab about the finer things in life (avo toast recos welcome) drop a line.


Designer + Strategist @ invok brands, 2017-present, TO + NYC Creative Strategy + Packaging Design + Naming + Copywriting + Social Media Marketing + Business Development

  • Strategic Creative @ Freelance, 2012-present, TO + NYC
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant @ SVA, 2018, NYC
  • Graphic Designer @ Longbeard Creative, 2015-2016, TO
  • Graphic Designer @ The PUR Company, 2015, TO
  • Design Intern @ Beehive Design, 2013, TO



Ab-InBev, Labatt Brewing Company, Tasty & Buzzfeed, McCormick Spices, Umbra, Simply Down Products, Jakeman's Maple, Rimmel London, The Lamb Company, Folgers, Nestlé, Me To We, The PÜR Company, ParaSport Ontario, Beehive Design, Urban & Co, Sap Sucker Maple Water, OCAD University, McGill University and St. Clement's School.

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