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Anheuser-Busch InBev

Visual Strategy + Naming + Copy + Design

Invok Brands, NYC

Richard Shear (Chief Creative Officer), Michael Azulay (Chief Strategy Officer), Devon Rousset-Luxmore (Design Director), Christine Ferrante (Senior Designer)

Develop a brand naming and packaging structure for slightly sweet drinks made with natural and simple ingredients at a 2.4% alc./vol. The project’s pilot objective was to assess the viability of a low-alcohol, better-for-you product offering to foster a culture of smart drinking globally to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

The brand’s vision is lead by the changing behaviours through social norms and to empower consumers through choice. With changing lifestyles driving new needs around fun, sociability, relaxation and control driven by busier lives, the pressure to succeed, fear of missing out and instant gratification supported by lifestyle demands exacerbating risks of losing control, the importance of positive image, responsibility for others and safety were key factors. The goal was to create a beverage that had the highly emotional benefits of alcohol (ie: fun, social, unwind) balanced by the more functional benefits of non-alcohol (ie: healthy, active, relaxed) to foster a fun, inclusive and enjoyable brand experience without minimizing importance of control.

Awards + Recognition

  • 2020 GDUSA American Package Design Award Winner
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